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What is Expected From the Global Outsourcing Industry in 2018

Every year, the number of companies who are turning to the outsourcing industry is increasing. There is no helping it, especially that every industry is dynamic and forever changing. Outsourcing can steer away from companies from frequent business complications as they are always on top of the changing technology and trends. Here are more reasons why many are using outsourcing companies in Philippines for staffing who have teams of dedicated people offering sms support, transcription […]

5 Truths on Angel Investors

When it comes to funding new small businesses, many have considered getting funded by angel investors. Angel investors are smaller private investors compared to the venture capitalist. However, many do not understand how it works with the angel investors. Here are the truths most business owners do not know them. Angel investors make money on exits Angel investors make money on growth, not profits. A lot of business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs thought that angel […]

Business Growth in Singapore

Business is an important force in the diverse political and ethnic environment that is Singapore. The economy is both industrial and international in nature. Unemployment is low-below 3%, the majority of the population is employed in manufacturing jobs, managerial positions, and the financial sector.1 Business growth in Singapore is fueled by the Singaporean tendency to push for progress. The country’s citizens are competitive because of a natural inclination to be the best possible at whatever they […]

How to Be a Competitive Online Marketer in Fintech Industry

Online marketing for companies in the financial industry is a challenging field to enter. Every month, hundreds of trends are appearing in the Web, driving entire fintech communities into making various decisions. If you want to have a career in online marketing, you need to develop a strong strategic framework so that you’ll become competitive in the finance industry. Listed below are some of the tested strategies that can turn you into a competitive, high-demand […]

Pros and Cons for Annual Wage Supplement (AWS)

December is the time of the year when employees are excited to receive the 13th-month pay (Annual Wage Supplement) and the variable bonus (Annual Variable Component) which is computed by the Public Service Division of Singapore. However, it is important to note that giving 13th-month bonus is not compulsory but a privilege which is incorporated in the employee’s contract or collective agreement. It is not mandated by Singaporean law. An employer can also negotiate the […]