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5 Truths on Angel Investors

When it comes to funding new small businesses, many have considered getting funded by angel investors. Angel investors are smaller private investors compared to the venture capitalist. However, many do not understand how it works with the angel investors. Here are the truths most business owners do not know them. Angel investors make money on exits Angel investors make money on growth, not profits. A lot of business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs thought that angel […]

3 Reasons Business Loans Are Bad Options

For business owners, business loans are one of the best strategies they can take for any financial crises. They can turn financial crises around using a business loan as part of the strategy. Business loans are great ways to generate enough cash that would help support the business. It can be used for a number of reasons. This includes, but not limited to, raising capital, increasing revenue, or even expanding to other geographic location. An […]

Major Types of Business Loans

In any business venture, there will come a time when you will need additional funding to help develop the growing needs of your company. The need normally comes a time when the business is starting to attract more clienteles but the cash available for the business will not suffice the growing demands of the customer. The solution, therefore, is to apply for business loans that would help ease the business expense on inventory goods and […]